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    Merry Christmas everyone! Especially to the 360-some nuts who happen to be following me now, but onto the goods!

    Two items, two winners. The Sherlock scarf pictured is incomplete atm, but the post needs time to circulate. Only one scarf will be made, but if both winners want a monkey hat I’ll whip another up. They’ll be shipped a week before the 25th. Contest ends the 18th.


    • Please don’t erase my text. Erasing text will result in Dean microwaving a fairy
    • Microwaving fairies is bad for holiday spirit
    • Reblogs and likes count
    • Please don’t spam your followers like this will happen
    • You do not have to follow me
    • I think that constitutes as cruel and unusual punishment 
    • Please have your askbox or submit open, a new winner will be chosen if you go missing for 48 hours
    • And Dean will microwave a fairy

    Good luck everyone!
    *Disclaimer: No fairies were harmed in the making of this post. 
    Also if you care to make the scarf yourself: pattern